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Student Demonstrations of Assistive Technology Solutions for Learning, Communication, and Physical Challenges

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Pace University
The Student Union on B-level
One Pace Plaza
New York, NY 10038

EVENT DETAILS: On Saturday, April 27th, 2013, a group of New York City students with disabilities conducted a conference, supported by the ARISE Coalition and the Pace University School of Education, to illustrate the value of Assistive Technologies in education. The event, Inclusion Requires Participation, consisted of student-run demonstrations on effective technology solutions for addressing learning, communication, and physical challenges in the classroom. Achieving successful inclusion requires both educational insight and adaptive tools to make classroom activities accessible to students with disabilities. Assistive Technologies and Alternative Augmentative Communication devices have radically altered educational perceptions as to who can be a learner, and the goal of this event was to acknowledge real students who have benefited from those technologies.  

WHO CAME: Educators, Therapists, Parents, Advocates, and Students Interested in Assistive Technologies

Some of the presentations by students addressed the following topics: 
• Accessible Literacy Materials for Emerging Readers
• Alternative Output Tools for Writing Challenges
• Note-taking Tools for Auditory Processing Challenges 
• iPad-based Communication Apps for Nonverbal Children
• Math and Computer Access Supports for Physical Challenges
• Voice Dictation Tools on the Computer and the Web
• Cloud-Based Tools which Address many Learning Challenges

The conference also included a student round table discussion on the importance of assessment, training, and integration of technology for inclusion. Local agencies were also be on hand to provide more detailed information on free assistive technology services and supports.